My Body is a Wonderland!

Whole30 – Week Two (We are half way BB!!!!!)

My dear friends – I feel amazing.

But I miss pizza. And frosting. Separately, not together.

But at the same time, the idea of eating differently seems like a foreign concept. My body feels great. My skin is clear. I know I have lost weight. My knees are rarely in pain and I feel light and lively most days and if I don’t, it’s because I know I haven’t had enough water or I didn’t eat enough. BECAUSE MY BODY IS USING FOOD FOR ITS INTENDED USE, NOT SOME GARBAGE HEAP. There is something nice about listening to your body and eating when you are hungry, but also knowing that your body is signalling for hunger because it needs more energy and as a result, I have a wealth of energy to do all the activities required of me on a daily basis, which as a creative, is practically endless.

I don’t really get hunger pains or “hangry”. More or less, I realize that I should eat because I get tired. And some times, if I want something sugary like a cupcake, or I smell pizza as I walk by a Domino’s, I drink water instead and the craving becomes dormant.

I’m starting to get excited about trying new recipes because there’s only so many ways you can eat meat and veggies for dinner. Now that my system has cleared out a lot of the junk I’ve been hoarding in it, flavors seem to be more pronounced in what I’m nourishing myself with. Everything tastes amazing! Looking back, it’s like the sugars and chemicals from American processes muted my taste buds.

Generally, everything is on an upswing! This routine is practically normalized in my apartment now and it’s nice. Though I will say, any social activity involving food or drink (so everything) feels very limiting, as it’s though I can’t be an active participant. It’s those moments when I remind myself that this is temporary. However, making plans is work.

Cooking for yourself every night is a privilege; and I don’t mean just putting together a salad from left over vegetables that are going bad. Making time to cook stuff, is hard when you work full time, and you want to see your friends, but you also have shows during the week that you’re in and others that you agreed to see. As well as, that new music you’re working on and the new instrument you’re learning. Oh and then doing laundry and cleaning your apartment. Like… it’s HARD and costly. How did my parents ever do it? How do any parents ever do it and not pass out over the counter? It’s no wonder why there’s a fast food addiction in this country.

Here are some incredible recipes I picked up!


Spaghetti Squash and Meat Sauce – Only big difference was I baked the squash in the over and made the sauce on the stove top!Zesty-Paleo-Chicken-Bites8-1-683x1024

Homemade Chicken Nuggets – I didn’t think these were crispy enough so on round two, I found compliant potate chips (Ingredients: potatoes, coconut oil and sea salt) and pounded those with some spices to create a breading

Pumpkin-Apple-Breakfast-Bake-Vertical-Picture-754x1024Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bars – Great for getting out of making breakfast every morning. Filling and satisfying for getting into the Fall season.


Shepherd’s Pie  – I made this for a group meal! It was delicious!



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